Purifying Facial Mud Mask

In life, we need to learn how to disconnect ourselves from our daily stresses, so we can relax and pamper ourselves, even without leaving home.


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Our purifying facial mask is based on natural green clay and black mud, with a touch of shea butter to prevent dry skin. With its luxurious blend of lavender, chamomile, evening primrose, witch hazel, and natural vitamin E.

this prized formula works to absorb toxins, treat inflammations, and remove dirt, makeup residue, excess oil, and airborne pollutants from the skin. Neroli oil, bromine, and rose water impart endless benefits, while geranium extract helps energize skin cells and slow the signs of aging.

Your face will be left looking luminous, healthy, and purified from the very first use, ready to soak up the next nourishing product in your beauty care regimen.

Shlomit adds: I recommend treating yourself to this remarkable mud mask once or twice weekly. For best results, complete the cleansing process with our Revitalizing Peeling Mask, and then massage your face, neck, and décolletage with Nourishing Facial Cream. Personally, I love to follow up with our exclusive Concentrated Multi-Vitamin Serum.


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