Body Wash – Orange Peel

The moment you open the bottle, waves of scents spread in every direction.

The sensation of immersing in a salty and pure ocean merges with the touch of air.

A sweet and gentle hint of honey touches us, bringing with it an atmosphere of calm and peace.

Sensuality is the next element, giving you a feeling of depth and mystery, and it all ends with a delicate citrus twist, like the first breath of a special morning.

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Body Wash – Orange Peel

Showering gives us personal time, and as we deeply reflect, we realize that even in life’s simplest moments, we deserve only the best.

Our Natural Body Wash with orange peel enriches the skin with

aromatherapy extracts and natural minerals from sea salt,

delivering shine, moisture, and vitality.

This body wash not only cleanses the skin deeply but also effectively tackles issues like acne and hormonal sores.

Using this body wash in the shower allows the skin to absorb the soothing benefits of aromatherapy extracts, initiating superior skin care.

We’ve infused our wash with minerals from sea salt to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, ensuring a deep inner cleanse.

The rich scent of blossoming orange in the wash revitalizes our senses, relieves tension, and fosters feelings of self-care and love.

Our orange peel body wash excels in deep skin cleansing and works well

on acne-prone or hormonally affected skin,

assuring you of its supportive role in keeping your skin at its best.

Showering is a special occasion, a moment to unwind and savor nature’s purest care.

Inside the shower, surrounded by its comforting privacy, we find a moment to introspect and cherish some “me-time.”

Our wash is free from SLS.

Volume: 500 ml

Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals can safely use this product.

After a demanding day, nothing compares to a rejuvenating shower, preparing us for a serene evening ahead.

For best results, pair it with a salt-free shampoo, a natural conditioner, or a hair nourishing mask.

For an elevated pampering session, team our body wash with bath salt to recreate a sublime spa experience at home.

*Our hair and body products have a distinct foam quality, unlike non-natural/organic products.

We stand against foaming agents derived from non-natural sources.

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