Natural Face Soap

  • It cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural moisture barrier.
  • It dissolves the acidity factors in the facial oil and removes makeup and other factors that block the pores.
  • It cleanses the skin, leaving it smooth, nourished, and with a younger texture.

Perfect care starts with the small details.

Give yourself holistic treatment that starts from the basics, without compromise

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Natural Face Soap

Discover a new world of facial care.

Our natural face soap offers a perfect solution for gentle facial cleansing.

It’s ideal for anyone seeking thorough results.

This natural face cleanser gently eliminates excess oils, dirt, and makeup residues, making the facial skin look clean and radiant.

As you clean your face, not only does the accumulated fat layer and dirt wash away, but some of the skin’s natural oil also decreases,

potentially drying out the skin. That’s why we’ve developed this natural face soap for you—it delivers the results you seek.

Finding the right balance between gentle cleansing and potential dryness is crucial.

Sensitive faces need a face soap tailored specifically to their needs, and our face soap meets this challenge.

The soap cleans the skin and also helps minimize dryness.

After a long day, especially when your facial skin has faced pollutants, harsh weather, and makeup, our natural face soap becomes a necessity.

This soap cleans away dirt and oils, softening the facial skin in the process.

We’ve based our unique formula on advanced active ingredients like GATOLINE® PRO ACTIVE MATERIAL.

These ingredients help maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance and offer it robust protection.

Our natural wash includes refreshing aromatherapy extracts from lavender, grapefruit, and calendula,

which play a role in calming the cells and rejuvenating the skin.

For the next step in your nightly care routine, our natural face soap

prepares and softens your skin.

For the best results, we suggest following up with a vitamin C serum and then gently applying a Intensive Multi-Treatment Recovery Cream.

Experience a deep and fragrant cleanse with our soap, enriched with flower extracts and delicate aromatherapy extracts.

It not only nourishes your skin but also ensures it remains soft, delicate, and balanced.

Unlike some products, our soap doesn’t dry the skin. Instead, it enhances the clean feeling and helps prevent excessive dryness,

leaving your skin clean, healthy, and toxin-free.

Our natural face soap also works wonders for oily or acne-prone skin.

Use this soap to cleanse the neck area, freeing it from the day’s accumulation of dirt, grease, and sweat.

Expectant and breastfeeding mothers can safely use this product.

With a liquid texture and a refreshing scent, our soap absorbs quickly into the skin, reaching deeper layers swiftly.

*Given the high concentration of our face products, start with a small application to determine the right amount for you.

Content: 150 ml


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