Our Story

Close to the Mediterranean coast, a unique organic cosmetics company named Ananda was established. One of the company’s unique concepts was that we not only emphasize the highest quality ingredients but also search for them in places no other cosmetics company had looked before…

The name Ananda comes from Ayurvedic philosophy; Ananda is the earth goddess symbolizing supreme bliss. From this belief, we chose to integrate the diverse cultures of the exotic places we visited, cultures that obtain their materials from natural sources untouched by human hands, and incorporate them into the unique products we create.

In each of the exotic places we visited, we chose to listen to the fascinating stories of the local women. These stories entered our hearts and excited and inspired us.

Thus began, a small team of people from different walks of life, to create Ananda, a new natural company within the industrialized world of cosmetics.

A company that advocates for values of equality with nature, without harming animals, and empowering our natural world on the stunning planet we live in.

And so began a unique process in which women from various cultures and exotic places connected with Ananda and became central suppliers of organic ingredients.

They shared their personal stories, dreamed collectively, and elevated their natural tradition of beauty and care.

Ananda became a company of creativity, innovation, and quality. The company turns wrinkles into a sign of life, hair into a sign of self-expression,

and the skin into the ideal foundation for a vital and radiant appearance. All products are made by combining the highest quality natural materials from around the world,

within them rises the ancient knowledge and the ancient traditional culture.

Ananda has become a symbol of independence and true natural beauty. Women around the world purchase Ananda’s products and connect to the personal and cultural journey of women from different places across the globe, providing strength and belief in themselves and us.

We invite you to discover your true beauty and reveal the strong feminine power within you. Ananda’s shared success story is a story

about trust in us and yourselves, about a new world view, and about the ability to change our lives and those of everyone.

Let Ananda transport you into a world of pure luxury, offering you a better, more balanced life.

Welcome to the holistic world of Ananda, where embracing both body and soul is far more than a slogan – it’s a way of life.

We believe that the best body care comes from nature. This is why we wholeheartedly devote boundless time and energy to finding the world’s finest natural raw materials – “super foods” for the skin – and take great care to preserve their incredible healing, anti-aging, and cosmetic properties. All our products are meticulously formulated to provide you with the perfect, most effective beauty care experience.

So allow us to introduce the world’s greatest anti-aging discovery: the treasured Grenoble nut, grown in the majestic French Alps, where it is nourished by pure melted snow. The Grenoble nut’s prized Gatuline extract is prominently featured in our products, due to its scientifically proven ability to promote skin cell regeneration and delay the signs of aging, while simultaneously revitalizing, rejuvenating, and balancing skin for a healthier, more radiant appearance. This patented formula is based on many years of development, and we can’t wait for you to try it for yourself!


In Tibetan mythology, Ananda is the goddess of the earth, symbolizing inner happiness and the aspiration to create a cleaner, purer world. These ideals reflect our goal of providing you with healthy, nourishing, and more effective beauty care that outperforms the harmful, processed products that unfortunately have become commonplace. This is why we often say that Ananda is defined by what it lacks, even more than by what it contains.  All our products are free of parabens, BHT, metals, and other detrimental ingredients that might look good, but are not actually good for us.

A World Returning to Its Roots

Shlomit Rozen founded Ananda on the principles of Ayurveda (Sanskrit for “life-knowledge”). This ancient medical philosophy views each human as complete, with body and mind intertwined, and promotes a healthy lifestyle alongside systemic anti-aging.  According to Ayurveda, the same laws of nature affect both humans and their environment, so we must act to create harmony between them.