Bath Salt: An Aromatic Symphony

In a secret garden by the sea, an ancient green tea tree and fragrant flowers blend with the ocean’s salt, creating a tranquil and refreshing scent carried by gentle waves to the shore. This place is a serene oasis where each breath is a magical experience, and every wave adds to the perfect harmony of natural aromas.

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Bath Salt: An Aromatic Symphony

Dive into a rich blend of scents and sensations with our natural bath salt.

Rich in organic healing herbs and aromatic oils, it revolutionizes your skin treatment.

Our uniqe salt softens skin, eases tension, and alleviates pain.

As you use it, an innovative process unfolds where the healing herbs and aromatic oil extracts penetrate

directly into your respiratory system through the steam of your bath.

The minerals in our salt help to reduce oil production, strengthen your skin’s healing process,

and maintain its cleanliness, moisture, and protection.

With its rich texture, our bath salt pampers your skin, ensures relaxation, and leaves you feeling refreshed and smooth.

Suitable for most skin types, our bath salt caters to various needs:

For sensitive skin, you should use the salt cautiously and test it on a small skin patch before applying it more broadly.

If you have dry skin or conditions like eczema or psoriasis, our salts can soothe irritations and assist in skin healing,

but they may also cause dryness or irritation in some cases. Consult a dermatologist before using them.

For oily skin, our salts can help decrease oil production and keep your skin clear and less greasy.

And if you have normal or combination skin, our bath salts are generally suitable and can offer numerous benefits,

including softening the skin and enhancing its overall appearance.

Always check the product’s ingredient list to ensure you’re not allergic to anything, and when in doubt, consult a doctor or dermatologist.

We recommend using our natural bath salt once a week or as needed to enrich your skin care routine.

For an intensified experience, pair it with our orange peel shower soap.

Usage instructions: Add two tablespoons of salt to your body bath or one tablespoon to a foot bath.

Here’s a tip: On a busy day, treat yourself to a foot bath with our salt for moments of bliss and tranquility.


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