Ananda natural Cosmetic

Let Ananda sweep you into a world of indulgence, and inspire you to a balanced and better life.

We believe that the best our body needs comes from nature. We invest our time, energy and heart in finding the best natural raw materials in the world that constitute “super food” for the skin, while maintaining their healing and nourishing properties. We manufacture our products carefully so that we can provide you with a perfect and effective grooming experience with natural anti-aging properties. In our products, the largest discovery in the world for anti-aging products: Grenoble nut extract, which grows down in the French Alps and feeds on pure snow water. him. The extraction of the materials is based on many years of development and is registered as a scientific patent.

Ananda cosmetic

Israeli Actress Reut Alush – our presenter

“I am excited to promote products that align with my values and make a small positive impact on the world. Beyond that, the products simply make me feel good and connect me with nature every time I use them. Ananda’s commitment to using sustainable, natural organic ingredients and employing people with disabilities in their factory is greatly inspiring to me. There’s no greater joy than being a presenter for a company I was a customer of even before I started working with them”.

Adolescence makes us more confident, smarter and more loving.
But the years also bring with them signs that we are willing to give up…


How Can I consult with you?

You can contact us by mail or by phone (+972-52-6562943)
And we will help you to choose the perfect products for you skin care.

How does the package reach me?

The package will be sent shortly after payment receive, it takes between 5-7 working days to be delivered to your address  

What happens if I am not satisfied?

The chances of you not being satisfied are very slim, but if that happens, contact us, return the package in its entirety, and we will refund the full amount.

Are the products suitable for use during pregnancy?

Yes, all Ananda products are natural and permissible to use during pregnancy

What does it mean that you only use natural ingredients?

At Ananda we only use natural ingredients that are found in nature, we have no synthetic ingredients, perfumes, SLS or Parabens

Is the purchase secure?

The purchase is secure, you can pay with Pay Pal or by Credit card in our credit card safe payment page

How much does the delivery cost?

The delivery cost 19.90 USD in orders up to 149 USD and 150 USD and up the shipping is free 

how do we pay?

You can pay with credit card or PayPal or American Express

Do you do animal experiments?

No, Ananda believes in preserving nature and animals and therefore does not conduct animal experiments