Natural rich hand&body lotion – Bergamot&green tea

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“A luxurious, nourishing lotionfor the body and hands, with a refreshing scent of bergamot and green tea. Its special formula is enrichedwith shea butter, aloe vera, natural hyaluronic acid, Moroccan argan oil, and sea buckthornto moisturize the skin and prevent dehydration. Containing bergamot for its skin-brightening properties, this lavish lotion also includes a combination of soothing, nurturingbotanical extractsbrimming with antioxidants –calendula, green tea, nettle, myrtle, and chamomile. Theheavenly blend of all-natural ingredients gently caresses the skin,leaving it fresh and smooth to the touch.

Directions:Apply a generous amount to hands and massage into clean skin. For daily use,morning and evening, or as needed.”