Concentrated Organic Multi-Vitamin Serum

Sometimes, you want more from life than simple pampering. This potent multi-vitamin serum from our prestigious anti-aging line is enriched with a highly effective formula, containing raw ingredients that serve as “super food” for the skin.

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An especially high concentration of active antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E enables the serum to quickly energize skin cells, while providing optimal hydration and helping to protect the skin from damage sustained over time.

Vitamin A derivatives impart bountiful benefits, including treating and preventing premature pigmentation and aging signs, while pure, organic Grenoble nut extract features key components proven to enhance skin texture.

Designed to restore and deeply nourish dry, damaged, and dull skin, our Serum will provide your skin with a brilliantly healthy, supple, and radiant appearance, as well as a pleasant, refreshing citrus scent.

Shlomit adds: Like all Ananda products, this serum is a clean, natural cosmetic. I recommend applying it in the evening, beneath Intensive Nourishing Cream or Intensive Multi-Treatment Recovery Cream. This serum also serves as a great base for foundation or face powder.


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