Intensive Multi-Treatment Recovery Cream

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Smoothens the skin tone.
  • Maintains the moisture and elasticity of facial skin.

A moisturizing cream that works with the highest intensity to smooth wrinkles, using advanced natural technology to deliver results proven in studies.

The formula is enriched with highly concentrated natural ingredients, and it visibly shows firming and tightening of the skin by supporting the skin’s natural protective barrier.

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Anti-Aging Night Cream

Dive into a new world of facial care.

Our advanced anti-aging night cream stands out as a top product in the realm of natural and clean cosmetics.

When you apply our Anti Aging Night Cream for Intensive Multi-Treatment Recovery Cream against wrinkles before sleep, it boosts skin repair processes and aids in its overnight recovery and rejuvenation.

We aim to offer our customers products that yield effective results while emphasizing skin health preservation and improvement.

This cream blends natural oils with botanical extracts, emphasizing deep facial skin treatment.

We choose natural ingredients that hydrate and nourish facial skin, avoiding harsh or toxic chemicals.

GATOLINE® PRO ACTIVE MATERIAL, the cream’s star ingredient, has a unique capability to enhance and renew skin texture.

It also boasts natural oils like sesame, wheat germ, borage, watermelon, and carrot,

all rich in essential fatty acids that nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

This advanced treatment cream features healing plant extracts like obliphicha (sea buckthorn), jasmine absolute,

and vitamins A, C, E. These botanicals assist the skin in healing, renewing, and improving,

offering a uniform tone and acting as shields against the sun and environmental pollutants.

The cream actively fights environmental pollution.

Its natural ingredients guarantee a skin-friendly product that rejuvenates and promotes skin cell renewal.

Experience a tailored natural skincare journey with us.

The anti-aging night cream relies solely on natural ingredients, shunning synthetic materials, parabens, or other harmful ingredients.

We stand by the principle that natural care is the ultimate route to maintaining facial skin health and achieving standout results.

Regular use of our facial treatment cream unveils a renewed skin daily.

We suggest making it a staple in your weekly skincare routine to relish its revitalizing benefits.

Our anti-aging night cream infuses facial skin with the moisture, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for skin health and cellular renewal.

Our facial creams target problematic skin issues such as dryness, oiliness, or sensitivity.

They actively soothe,  nourish, and balance the skin.

We recommend our natural anti-wrinkle night cream free from chemicals.

Using night cream ushers in a serene moment at day’s end. Its inviting scent and texture can calm the nerves and alleviate daily stresses.

Apply our Multi-Treatment Recovery Cream before bedtime as a crucial step in your skincare regime,

and you’ll see noticeable improvements in skin health and appearance.

At night, skin actively repairs environmental damage. Our therapeutic cream supplies the necessary moisture and nourishment,

revitalizing and healing the skin.

Sleep allows the skin to address environmental challenges, pollutants, and fatigue symptoms.

Shielded from sun and wind during this period, skin more efficiently absorbs the cream’s nutrients.

Applying our anti-wrinkle cream before bed replenishes skin moisture and ensures its firmness overnight.

In essence, Multi-Treatment Recovery Cream application at night preps the skin to optimize nutrient absorption and function efficiently,

enhancing both its look and health.

Night cream application remains a cornerstone of skin health maintenance.

For best results, begin your evening ritual with a cleanse using natural face soap.

Follow it up with a vitamin C serum application and then our anti aging night cream (2-3 times a week).

Expecting and breastfeeding mothers can safely use the product.

This cream presents with a creamy consistency and boasts a profound natural fragrance and a mesmerizing dark brown hue

(thanks to a mix of extracts and the original king nut color).

*Given the high concentration of our face products, start with a modest amount to determine what suits you best.

Natural therapeutic ingredients in the cream mean it takes its time to absorb.

Content: 50 ml.


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