Intensive Organic Nourishing Cream

The perfect beauty care routine grants you little pleasures, momentarily helping you forget the stresses of daily life.


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Intensive Nourishing Cream from Ananda’s premium anti-aging line gives you the pampering feeling you’ve been searching for, while nourishing your facial skin and maintaining its moisture balance. This hydrating wonder helps release tension, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. It is also designed to help lighten dark spots, leaving you with a stunning, even complexion.

The innovative formula is based on organic shea butter, pure Grenoble nut extract, sweet almond oil, French borage extract, naturally-derived antioxidant vitamins A, E, and C, and “super food” ingredients for the skin.

Your skin will be left looking healthy, radiant, and perfectly hydrated. Recommended for use in the evening, as well as when your skin is especially dry, including during the day. So take a deep breath, think positive thoughts, and invest in your daily beauty care routine… and in yourself.

Shlomit adds: Why was it important for us to add vitamin A?

This key vitamin boosts production of mucous membranes in cells, preventing them from hardening. It also reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin’s surface, and quickly and actively heals wounds, while balancing and stimulating the metabolism and improving circulation in the capillaries.


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