Natural Conditioner for strengthening hair and preventing hair loss.

In the heart of the tropical forest, an ancient fragrance secret is revealed. Moisture rolls off the clear waters, and the green tea manages to tell the story of the wild Chinese gardens. Silk wool and Arctium root unveil romance and earthy depth, while the oils of Obliphicha (sea buckthorn) and Argan pamper with moisture and indulgence. Warm ginger bursts with an invigorating scent, and the black walnut adds a touch of a star-filled night tale. A rich aroma tells an unforgettable fragrance story


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Natural Conditioner for strengthening hair and preventing hair loss.

A new era in hair care.

Strengthen your hair and combat hair loss with our natural conditioner, ushering in a revolutionary approach to hair care.

Our natural conditioner doesn’t just moisturize; it dives deep into your hair and scalp, delivering nutrients from a blend of pure herbal extracts.

Think Argan oil, green tea, obliphicha, ginger, silk protein, and vitamins. Plus, the extract of the granule nut amplifies hair strength and repair.

What sets our conditioner apart? It’s the focus on protection.

It shields your hair color from fading and guards against both sun and environmental damage.

Moreover, this powerful mix of natural ingredients works diligently to maintain your hair’s natural moisture, heal scalp flakiness and itchiness, and give your hair a renewed, shiny appearance.

Ready for some hands-on hair revival? Massaging with our conditioner drives ingredients right into the scalp,

anchoring hair from the root, and reducing hair loss.

And, we’re serious about keeping things natural. Our formula steers clear of harmful chemicals, catering specifically to thin,

damaged, colored, or treated hair, and even hair that’s been straightened.

No salts, preservatives, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, or SLS here.

Imagine this: Your shower time transforming into an oasis of self-love, peace, and beauty.

With 500 ml of our conditioner, it’s not just a dream.

Planning to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding? Go ahead! It’s gentle enough for daily use on children,

and there’s no tearful drama if it gets in the eyes.

For an enhanced experience, start with a salt-free shampoo or shampoo for dry hair.

And just a heads-up: Our natural and organic products may not lather like the conventional ones. But that’s because we prioritize your health over bubbles from unnatural sources


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