Organic Shampoo for thin and regular hair

In a secret night garden, a hidden spring lies among ancient trees. Its clear waters evoke freshness and the air is filled with sweet honey. Deep within, chamomile flowers invite tranquility. With every wind gust, a woody note from the king nut awakens the senses, and the tropical coconut tempts further. Beneath the trees, an exotic spa aura prevails, with ylang-ylang’s sweet scent revealing the shampoo’s mysterious tale

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Natural shampoo without salts – for normal to dry hair

As we usher in a new era in hair care, it’s important to realize that your daily shampoo plays a pivotal role in ensuring healthy hair.

Consequently, we put emphasis on the smallest details.

our shampoo integrates the healthiest and most natural ingredients into your daily hair care routine.

Interestingly, this natural shampoo without salts, ideal for normal to dry hair, not only refreshes but also boasts an addictive scent!

Delving deeper, our shampoo’s nourishing ingredients ensure a deep cleanse and subsequently leave behind a lasting fragrance,

ultimately giving your hair a vibrant and healthy appearance.

Furthermore, our distinct salt-free natural shampoo formula skillfully blends natural plant extracts of calendula,

camellia, and wheat protein. Specifically, these extracts soothe dry scalps, rejuvenate hair, and actively mend damaged ends.

Additionally, we’ve enriched the shampoo with walnut extract, which serves to strengthen hair and foster its gentle restoration.

By incorporating these ingredients, the shampoo breathes new life into hair, reinforces hair roots and scalp,

and imparts shine, silkiness, and softness.

In our quest for purity, we meticulously crafted our natural Ananda hair shampoo to exclude harmful chemicals.

Moreover, its formula exclusively contains natural organic ingredients, making it perfect for dyed and straightened hair.

Impressively, the shampoo abstains from salts, preservatives, silicones, parabens, and synthetic fragrances.

It’s also worth noting that the shampoo is devoid of SLS.

Packaged in a 500 ml container, this shampoo stands as a safe choice during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods.

Notably, it assures no tears upon contact with the eyes and is also commendably suitable for children’s daily use.

For optimal results, we suggest that after shampooing, you either apply a natural hair repair mask or the conditioner.

Lastly, we feel compelled to emphasize that our hair and body products may not foam as profusely as their non-natural/organic counterparts.

This is because we consciously avoid foaming agents, especially since many derive from non-natural sources.


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