Moisturizing Hair Styling Cream

In the heart of a tropical forest, where fresh dewdrops kiss the green leaves, the mysterious scent of the moisturizing cream is revealed, inviting your hair to a different experience.

The indulgent fragrance of the cream harmonizes with oriental green tea leaves, exotic argan fruit oil, and the intoxicating fruity touch of fresh mandarin adds a note of romance.

At the center of awareness, the scent of African shea butter rolls like magic over the hair, while the delicate blend of nourishing seed oils broadcasts an atmosphere of elegance and indulgence

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Moisturizing Hair Styling Cream

A New Era in Hair Care

Strong, healthy, and stunning – is this the hair you’ve always dreamed of?

Now it’s possible with our natural hair moisturizing cream, expertly crafted to style your hair naturally and help create a breathtaking look.

This natural hair moisturizing cream perfectly combines natural ingredients sourced from pure and high-quality origins.

Among these are Grenoble nut extract, shea butter, and pure oil essences, which contribute to deep nourishment and provide optimal moisture that revitalizes the hair and aids in styling.

Whether you have curly, short, long, or wavy hair, using this cream will allow you to enjoy a more impressive and natural styling.

The unique blend of ingredients in the cream will give your hair the desired look and help it maintain its shine over time.

The rich and precise components in the cream include organic argan oil, sea buckthorn, borage, jojoba, orange, mandarin, and apricot,

in an optimal combination with organic shea butter, silk protein, linoleic and oleic fatty acids,

Grenoble nut extract, and herbal remedies like green tea and aloe vera.

This distinguished combination of natural and unique ingredients creates a precise formula that will provide your

hair with optimal moisture and support in styling over time.

Using the cream protects the hair throughout the day from sun damage and environmental harms.

Our moisture cream is suitable for all hair types and provides amazing results.

The cream does not contain SLS, salts, preservatives, silicones, parabens, and is free of synthetic fragrances.

The cream is recommended for use as a follow-up to Ananda’s hair care routine with salt-free shampoo,

a natural conditioner for strengthening the hair and preventing hair loss, or a natural nourishing mask for hair restoration.

So tomorrow morning, when you’re getting ready for work and don’t have time to wash your hair,

just apply some of our cream and leave the house with styled hair

full of shine and most importantly – leave with a wonderful feeling.

Content: 250 ml

The product can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


200 ml